Jardineria Coll | Firm
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Founded in 1975 and located in Blanes, Jardineria Coll is a multidisciplinary company that makes all kinds of jobs and tasks related to the design, construction and maintenance of gardens and landscape projects.

The spirit of our company is characterized on the creation of spaces that complement and tie with the architecture and natural environment. We strive to design unique spaces adapted to the demands of each client and the unique needs of each site, providing added value as innovation and creativity typical element of the identity of our company.

Our services range from simple tasks of gardening, design, construction and implementation of landscape projects or irrigation systems. We offer this comprehensive service to individuals, companies, architects, decorators and generally any person or entity who wants to create spaces in harmony with the landscape. We have a dynamic team qualified with extensive experience in the sector, to carry out these tasks. While we work directly with the best industrials to enjoy a full and complete satisfaction.

Each work we do in Jardineria Coll is a result of our professionalism, creativity, cutting edge research, engine and experience, but above all passion. These elements together give life and consistency in our gardens, full of suggestion and made up to the maximum detail.